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Indian fashion photographer redefines beauty through models with Down Syndrome

November 13, 2017

Paris-based Indian fashion photographer Sanjyot Telang is challenging people to look at beauty in different ways.

Telang has partnered with the NGO Kimkan in putting girls with Down Syndrome on the fashion pages. Called Fashion Misfits, Telang says she wants people to take another look at what is considered beautiful.

Telang, who described the photo shoot as 'soul melting', says she got the idea to do such a shoot in a dream many years ago. Her aim is to break conventional notions of beauty. She believes that such ideas are desperately needed as people have become too self-involved and fail to look beyond themselves.

Telang wants to work towards making a society more open-minded, accepting and compassionate. She hopes that her project will inspire some people to look beyond petty issues and assess their strengths, weaknesses and notions of happiness.

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