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Deaf critic movie review of The Space Between Us

A hearing perspective:

American film, 'The Space Between Us' is a fantastic film with a mix of science-fiction and romance.

There are many films on space and on teen love stories but this one stands out clearly.

I liked the film's refreshing concept of depicting the first human born and raised on Mars and his perception of the Earth.

The performances of the film's actors Asa Butterfield as Gardner, Gary Oldman as Nathaniel, Britt Robertson as Tulsa were brilliant.

The film has shown Gardner as a teenager from Mars who travels to Earth to find the real identity of his father.

Nathaniel is described as the perfect villain in the first half of the film as he tries his best to keep the existence of Gardner as a secret and restricts him to travel to Earth. But it is the second half and especially the climax scene, the viewers will get a clear idea behind his rude and worried behaviour.

Tulsa is Gardner's love interest from Earth who supports him on the journey to find his father and also helps him enjoy the beautiful creations of the Earth.

Verdict: Decent movie with a good climax. You will not regret to be on this silly yet magical ride from Mars to Earth.

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