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How to create an autism-friendly work environment

Autism is a developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact of the affected individual.

It is important for employers to support employees with autism in the workplace by giving them a work environment that allows them to succeed.

Here are tips for creating an autism-friendly workplace:

Have a team that understands and supports autistic employees. It will make them feel welcomed and part of the team.

Always remember that no two people with autism are the same. Their feelings and behaviors can change depending on situations. So, take time to talk to your employees with autism about the small adjustments that will be most helpful for them.

Find out their needs that can be changed at the workplace. For example, changing the lighting or selecting the right desk space can make them feel more comfortable.

Give clear verbal and written instructions. Follow-up if required to help them understand exactly what is required.

Plan a review meeting with the manager regularly to help them progress and discuss any changes to be made.

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