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Helpful tips for interacting with the vision-impaired

October 20, 2017

There are some helpful tips and ideas one should keep in mind while dealing with relatives or friends with low vision. These can give you confidence and a better understanding of how to help your relatives or friends.

Identify yourself when you approach those who are visually impaired. Sometimes it is difficult to remember a person by the sound of their voice.

Speak directly to the person in a normal tone of voice.

Ask the person how they would like to be guided or helped. For instance, you can ask whether you should walk on their left or right side.

When accompanying a visually impaired person into an unfamiliar room, never leave them standing alone. Give them a point of reference like a wall or table.

When you enter a room or leave a room, say hello or goodbye. Footsteps and directions are difficult to hear and understand.

It is acceptable to use words such as "you see" or "look" in everyday conversation.

When you offer help, let the person to take your arm so that you can guide them, rather than push or pull.

Those who are visually impaired cannot see the facial expressions, like happiness. Let them share your joy so your feelings in your voice or by touch.

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