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Blind critic movie review of Rangoon

February 26, 2017

A blind perspective:

Rangoon is a Hindi film starring Saif Ali Khan as film producer Rustom Billimoria or Rusi, Shahid Kapoor as British Indian soldier Jamadar Nawab Malik and Kangana Ranaut as film actress Miss Julia.

The romantic war drama film is set in the backdrop of World War II. It is directed by Vishal Bhardwaj.

The story starts in 1943 in India when Miss Julia with her acting group travel to Indo-Burma border to entertain the British Indian soldiers who are fighting the Japanese army and Indian National Army or INA.

Nawab Malik is appointed as Julia's personal security guard while Julia's lover Rusi joins the team later.

During their journey, Nawab and Julia get attracted to each other and a love triangle starts.

The film then takes a major twist when it is revealed that Nawab is on a secret mission to deliver a sharp valuable sword to INA.

Nawab makes Julia realise the importance of Indian independence.

To help Nawab achieve in his mission, Julia fights with the British officers but in the fight, Nawab dies.

Julia asks Rusi to promise that he will complete the mission and leaves him.

The theme of the film is novel but presentation fails to be effective. Due to louder background music, some serious dialogues are not easy to understand and visually impaired audience will not be able to follow many scenes. Rangoon is a one-time watch with a sighted buddy.

A sighted perspective:

Actors Saif, Kangana and Shahid all have justice to their role but just a great star cast is not enough to make the film worth of watching.

No doubt that the film starts with a great promise but loses its path completely.

The film needs proper characterization to create the curiosity and keep the audience engaged.

Miss Julia is inspiring with her fearless stuntwoman act but confusing when she doesn't make a timely choice between Rusi and Nawab. And when she makes the choice, it is not clear if it's because of love for Nawab or love for the country.

Rusi is shown as a former actor and successful film producer. It feels great to know that even in 1940s, there were people like Rusi who made only women-empowering films. But it feels strange when the same Rusi in his personal life, gets angry when Julia voices her opinion to support the right.

Honestly, I felt the storyline of the film lacks intensity and was very boring.

Too many songs dragged the film pointlessly and music really fails to impress.

Direction of the film was average and screenplay could have been better.

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