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Aakash Bani app aims to help PwD

February 23, 2017

An app called Aakash Bani aims to make daily communication easier for people with disabilities. The Android-based app is the joint effort of IIT Kharagpur and the Society for Natural Language Technology Research.

The app helps people who are unable to use natural speech to express their needs and exchange information with other people. It stores pre-recorded messages, which are produced in the form of digitized speech when the user presses an image displayed on the device.

For example, there are messages like - I need a glass of water - that can be designed specially for people's needs.

A speech-impaired person, without a neuro-motor disorder, can select a desired icon through touch. For people with neuro-motor disorders, Aakash Bani has specific modes where the user can touch any part of the screen and the highlighted icon will get selected.

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