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Bombay Haveli, About More than Just Food - My Take by Marzy Parakh

The idea behind starting Bombay Haveli was to create a space where large families would come together and share a meal. The context is dining for three generations where people could eat together without worrying about space issues or food choice.

With that in mind, the cuisine is varied from Indian to Italian to continental.

I also run a charitable trust for people with disabilities called Faith Foundation and so it was perfectly natural for me to integrate that aspect into Bombay Haveli.

For most companies, charity is a small part of their business. However, we strongly wanted to make corporate social responsibility the main goal of our venture and keep profit secondary.

Our goal is to include PwD in a fundamental way and we are doing that by giving them a role in the kitchen as well as setting them up to be entrepreneurs. So for instance, if there is a pastry chef whose food is appreciated, we will link the customers in our restaurant directly to the chef for larger, bulk orders.

Apart from wheelchair ramps and other basic accessibility features, we are among the first restaurants in India to have a chairlift so that customers can sit on any of our floors and enjoy a meal.

The response has been amazing. Even on weekdays, we are sold out. Going ahead, we plan to start matrimonial sessions so people with disabilities can come to Bombay Haveli and meet potential life partners. So this is not just about food.

Right now we have five PwD working in Bombay Haveli. We have set no criteria for employment. If someone has an interest in cooking, we place them in the kitchen. If they don't have a degree, we train them. Depending on what people are interested in, we find a place.

We want to hire more people with disabilities but are unable to find them. Supply is a major problem and there is also not enough sensitization. If people are interested, they are welcome to contact us.

About the Writer

Marzy Parakh is the co-founder of Bombay Haveli, a food venture that is empowering PwD to showcase their skills in all sections of restaurant operations. To learn about job opportunities, contact Marzy Parakh at 9820162307 or email at faithfoundation@marzygroup.com.

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