This photographer is breaking myths about children with disabilities in amazing ways

Ceridwen Hughes, a photographer and mother based in the United Kingdom, has started the Rare Project to photograph children with rare conditions. Her aim - to show the world that their disability is a small part of who they are.

Hughes' inspiration? Her son Isaac, who suffers from a rare condition that leaves him unable to smile or laugh. Isaac has Moebius Syndrome, which affects around 200 people in the UK. He could not walk without support until the age of four and struggled to speak until he was almost seven

Hughes says that any parent with a disabled child feels very alone. They face a constant struggle getting the right medical help and with having to explain their child's condition to everyone.

She said that many of the images that represent disabilities on Google are old and don't show the person within. She wants to change that with her images.

Hughes posts her photographs to an online gallery on her website Same But Different. She hopes that the organisation will help raise awareness and fight prejudice. Each child's picture has a background that tells their story.

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