Online clinic helps Indians with mental health problems

ePsyClinic is an online counseling service that aims to help Indians who suffer from problems related to mental health.

The founder Shipra Dawar says that online counseling is just as effective as face to face. The site has therapists, who are trained in online therapy.

The online platform counsels over 400 patients daily, and have over 70 mental health professionals, while another 100 experts are currently being trained.

There is a basic free app called ePsyClinic Lite that helps mental health patients through chat, videos, or calls. There are plans to start an advanced app to make it easier for patients to find the best available care by matching patients to the best treatments and experts.

India has only 443 public mental hospitals, but six states are without a single mental hospital. Dawar says her goal is to fill gaps in mental health services.

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