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This foundation has helped over 5,000 deaf people find jobs

October 2, 2017

India's five million hearing impaired population face challenges in communication and employment. Many of them don't have access to ways of getting hands-on training in education or jobs, which makes it hard for them to be independent.

There is also a major lack of awareness in the public about the challenges faced by the deaf and this increases the gap between the hearing enabled and impaired.

The Deaf Enabled Foundation has been trying to bridge this gap by giving vocational training free of cost to the deaf to ensure that support and education reaches everyone in the community.

They also conduct sign language classes so the hearing enabled can be more inclusive of the deaf. They have tie-ups with universities such as the Annamalai University so that deaf students have a chance to excel. They have similar tie-ups with companies to ease the hiring process for the deaf.

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