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Interesting travelling tips for wheelchair users

For people who use wheelchairs, travelling can be a challenge. However, they can leave their comfort zones if they keep a few tips in mind.

While checking whether a hotel is accessible, do not rely on travel websites only. Call the hotel directly.

Check where the hotel is located to make sure that the area around it is accessible as well.

If you are going abroad, call the hotel staff during day time. This is because the hotel staff is more informative and alert during the day. Do not be discouraged by dull or unhelpful answers. Try one more time for the correct information.

Ask the hotel staff to send you pictures of the room you will be staying in, especially the bathroom.

Find out what the language spoken locally is and check the local transport modes that are available.

Let the hotel and the airline you are using know that you are a wheelchair user, so necessary arrangements can be made.

Don't forget to take lots of pictures and have a great trip!

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