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Living Life to the Fullest - My Take by Sunita Sancheti

My life came to a brief stop when I was 16 years old due to a spinal injury. All my daily activities became limited, even going to the bathroom. The doctors here were not aware about rehabilitation.

My parents and uncle, who is a doctor, told me I had two roads to take. One, where I could smile and everyone would smile with me. The other, is to cry and have others feel sad too. I chose the first, and thanks to their support, I did not lose heart.

I went to a rehabilitation centre in the United Kingdom for a month. My life changed totally. I learned to become independent and move around in a wheelchair. I joined a chartered accountant's firm and learned everything. Today, I have my own business.

I was fortunate to have been able to get the right help. I felt the need to create awareness about setting up Infrastructure for people with disabilities.

I got together with like-minded people and we formed a group called ADAPT, which stands for Able Disable All People Together.

We hardly see persons with disabilities in public places as there is no suitable infrastructure. To create awareness, I traveled with three friends who use wheelchairs. We covered a distance of 19,200 kms in 84 days covering all 28 state capitals and 40 cities to create awareness about accessible tourism and universities under the banner - Access 4 All.

I am also a part of an NGO called Nina Foundation that works for people with spinal injuries. There is a need for a counseling facility for people with spinal injuries. This is much needed given the number of accidents, natural calamities and falls that take place.

I am actively involved with an NGO called Trinayani that is working towards an inclusive society. They plan fun-filled events to change society's attitudes towards PwD. This can only happen when people with disabilities are seen enjoying activities like everyone else.

About the Writer

Sunita Sancheti is an active participant in all the activities associated with empowering and improving the quality of life of people with spinal injury. She has received the prestigious NCPEDP-MphasiS Universal Design Award in 2010.

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