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Baking towards an inclusive world - My Take by Geetha VM

SUPPORTICON is a universal icon launched to show your SUPPORT to an individual with Special Needs.

The Supporticon symbol has two back-to-back smileys leaning on each other to represent SUPPORT to a special needs person. The ribbon is the connecting bond between two souls to represent a soulful connection.

The aim of supporticon is to build an inclusive and humane society!

My husband Rathish Subramaniam and I have a seven-year-old son Om who falls under the autism spectrum disorder. We would get cold stares whenever we took OM to public places like theatres or restaurants. This was really hurtful.

We then started to tell society that our son has a condition and when they realized that, there was understanding and empathy.

That was when we got to know that society is not arrogant but rather ignorant.

The idea of Supporticon was conceptualized by Rathish who is a creative professional. We also made a video on supporticon to create awareness about special needs and this was well received.

Soon, my friend Mary Ann George, who is a professional baker, spoke to all her baker friends and together we started the #baketosupport campaign. Under this, a baker has to bake a cake with love and gift it to a special needs individual in their locality. The initiative has taken off very well, reaching around 10 countries.

Within a few weeks, close to 100 bakers gifted cakes baked by them to special schools and children and won hundreds of smiles.

We also got around 20 genuine volunteers who have enrolled in special schools to volunteer. You too can partner in this great and noble initiative by baking a cake with the supporticon logo :)(: on it. Gift it to a special needs person in your neighbourhood. Let's together build an inclusive and humane society!

About the Writer

With their #supporticon campaign, Geetha VM and her husband Rathish P Subramaniam aim to change mindsets and sensitize people to the needs of special children and adults.

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