New glove helps stabilize Parkinson's patients hands

A student in the US has come up with a device that will help many people with Parkinson's disease. Those who have Parkinson's feel a stiffness in the muscles and their movements are slow and shaky. They often drop things.

With this glove called Gyroglove, patients can now hold objects firmly. Those who have used it say that wearing the glove feels like your hands are in thick water. But tests prove that it helps.

The student who developed this was looking after a 103-year old Parkinson’s patient when he thought of the idea. She was losing weight rapidly as she was unable to eat properly. The technology used here is the same that is used to stabilize International space stations called gyroscopy. The device sits in a strap attached to the glove and balances the patient’s hands when shaking. Users describe the sensation as putting their hands in a thick liquid. However, initial tests prove that it helps!

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