Fruit salads and drinks to beat the heat!

Fruits and drinks should be part of the daily diet to meet the nourishment needs of the body during summer. Here are a few ideas to cool the body and add some excitement to what's on your plate.

A refreshing salad that is just perfect for these hot days. The main ingredients are watermelon and mint leaves. Other fruits like grapes or apples can also be added.

Chop the fruits into cubes and mix them with the chopped mint leaves.

For dressing the salad, use a little honey and lemon juice with salt according to taste. Mix them up and eat immediately.

Another all-time favorite is lemonade or ‘nimbu paani’. Squeeze the lemons, remove the seeds and keep aside. Now mix sugar in water and then add chat masala, lemon juice and ice. You can add fresh mint leaves and soda to the mix too.