Struggling with anxiety? Keep a diary

People who are struggling with anxiety could find relief by making a note of their worries in a diary.

Writing about what causes you stress might help reduce those emotions, says a new research. Those who wrote down each event that caused worry, as well as an analysis of how the worry made them feel, experienced less worry over time.

This means that keeping a diary could be an effective tool as part of an overall treatment plan for those who struggle with anxiety.

Participants in the study either used a diary called a 'worry outcome journal,' or wrote down their general daily thoughts in what was called a 'thought log.' They were asked about the amount of worry those thoughts caused. The research found that all participants noticed that a majority of their worries or negative thoughts did not actually happen.

This approach may not always work as some anxiety conditions typically need more complex treatment. But the journal could be one aspect of a larger treatment.

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