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Deaf Cycling Midnight - A Review

Midnight cycle ride event for the deaf was participated by more than 50 youngsters and adults from Mumbai, Pune and Orrisa.

The deaf participants started the cycle ride from Colaba at midnight and relaxed after reaching Worli. The participants started the cycle ride again from Worli and reached back to Colaba in the early morning.

The deaf participants enjoyed and had a good experience in the cycle ride.

"The idea of deaf cycling came from Yadnesh Maladkar, who contacted a cycling company for support and they said they would be willing to support and encourage the deaf so they enjoy cycling.

Cycling has many benefits. It is an activity that the deaf can enjoy. They can be out in the open and enjoy the fresh air.

I am very excited that the event brought together deaf people for the first time in Mumbai and spread awareness to the hearing people.

We hope the event encourages other associations to hold such events in their areas.

Cycling is healthy and takes one away from video games that are not good for health.

Cycling will help them stay in good physical and mental health.

Overall, the event was attended by 70 deaf participants and 7 volunteers. We hope to have more participants next time", said Rushabh Bhansali, an ex-committee member of Yuva Association of the Deaf (YAD) Mumbai.

Yadnesh Maladkar and Anup Jha, members of YAD were happy with the event response and made sure the cycle ride went smoothly.

About the Writer:

The review has been written by Arti Umrotkar who is a member of the Sign Language team at Newz Hook.

About the event:

Deaf Cycling Midnight is a midnight cycle ride for the deaf, organized by the Yuva Association of the Deaf (YAD) in Mumbai. The idea of the event is to break the myths about deaf people and let the city know that those who cannot hear can also be safe riders.

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