How to balance parenting and work stress

The stress of managing parenting responsibilities with the demands of work makes it sometimes difficult for many parents to achieve a balance in their personal and professional lives.

Here are some tips to balance parenting and work stress:

Think about your professional strengths and have confidence in them to meet your working-parent challenges.

Accept that every working parent is different and you cannot follow or do the way others manage their work and parenting responsibilities.

Plan your calendar every week and analyse your tasks that you could have avoided or done differently at work. This will help you to get some more time to work on household tasks or spend quality time with family.

Use technology to allow you to complete your office work and house-work on time. For example, the calendars, apps, reminders, to-do lists can be used for managing both personal and work lives.

Have backup plans ready for possible problems like caregivers getting sick, clients’ increasing demands at work and other immediate needs.

Working parenthood is a tough challenge for anyone but it has no magical solution. But keeping yourself motivated will help you to come up with creative ways to overcome short-term problems and achieve balance in the working-parent journey.

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