What to wear while travelling

Travelling is the best way to learn about our environment. A comfort filled travel can become a memorable experience.

A few ideas can make the experience of travelling a lot more fun and simple.

When taking a road trip wear comfortable clothes. In summers the best option would be shorts and a round neck t-shirt. Do not wear very tight clothes and take regular stops to stretch arms and legs.

While travelling by air, wear comfortable shoes and carry a jacket as planes and airports can be colder than outside.

In trains, T-shirts and long shorts can be worn to stay comfortable for the long travel duration. Women can also wear Kurtas or skirts if not in mood for western clothes.

Keep a extra pair of clothing handy in case you need it and do not wish to open the luggage. Carry sunglasses, charger, headphones, passport and tickets in a handy kit for easy access.

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