This teen battled an eye disorder to become a tennis champ

Malikaa Marathe is the current under-14 national champion in tennis.

An amazing achievement given that she had an eye disorder for over five years since she was just four.

Today, she holds the number one position in the All India Tennis Association rankings in the under-14 category and hopes to play at the international level.

Malikaa was diagnosed with amblyopia, a condition that could have led to her losing sight in one eye.

Amblyopia, also known as Lazy Eye, is a disorder in which a person experiences decreased vision in one eye.

The reasons are many - poor alignment of the eyes, an irregularly-shaped eye that makes it difficult for the person to focus, near- or far-sightedness in one eye, clouding of the lens of an eye, etc.

Doctors put a patch on her good eye so it would force the weaker eye to work and its optic nerve would develop again.

She started playing tennis when she was seven years old and it turned out she was really good at it.

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