Students develop special toothbrush for cerebral palsy patients

Evit John and Sai Nivedita, students of the Manipal College of Dental Sciences, have developed a toothbrush that will help persons with cerebral palsy.

They presented their model and won an award at the university's annual business plan contest.

John said he decided to work on this after seeing a YouTube video on cerebral palsy patients.

Cerebral palsy is a disorder caused by a brain injury or malformation during a child’s brain development. It mainly affects body movement and muscle coordination.

In the video, John learned about a person with cerebral palsy who talked about how difficult it was for him to do basic things like brushing teeth.

The toothbrush developed has a wider handle and the grip is specific to each patient. It has three-headed bristles with one straight pattern and two rotational.

The team are in talks with many companies to launch it commercially.

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