Here's a list of Android phones useful for senior citizens

Modern day smartphones are all about using the new features in the smallest handset space.

Senior citizens may find it difficult to use such smartphones. So, some companies have come up with accessible smartphones for senior citizens:

iBall Aasaan 2 is one of the large phones with good sized buttons. The phone has an SOS button on the back to prevent accidentally pressing it.

Philips Xenium X2566 has features such as FM Radio, larger buttons and an SOS button.

Mitashi Play Senior Friend AP 103 has a touchscreen display with large buttons. There is a SOS button right on the display instead of a physical button on the phone.

Magicon Senior Duo has large physical buttons and features such as FM Radio, flashlight and SOS.

Swingtel SW50 Plus has a Hindi and English keypad which makes it easier for the senior citizens to type. It also has an SOS system.

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