Suicides rise in IIT, steps taken to destress students

There has been a rise in suicides and attempted suicides at the Indian Institutes of Technology, which rank among India’s premier engineering institutes.

This has worried authorities who are taking steps to help destress students.

These include parent-teacher meetings, which are usually held only in schools at IIT-Delhi, nature walks at IIT-Kharagpur, and counselling at IIT-Madras.

To help students deal with stress, IIT-Guwahati has set up a creativity centre where students dance, sing and play instruments. IIT Bombay is adding two counselors and a psychiatrist to its staff.

Many students get depressed as they are not able to cope with the academic pressure, and the expectation and pressure to perform from parents.

Since January 2016, there have been about 12 suicide deaths and attempts at the IITs. More students are also coming forward to seek counselling. Most of them are freshers who are more vulnerable to stress as they spend 18 hours a day in coaching for three years to get into IIT.

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