Daughter with spinal bifida inspires family to develop toddler wheelchairs

When Jeffrey and Sonya Shorr's third child, Bella, was diagnosed with spina bifida and doctors said that she might never walk, the family was upset.

Spina bifida is a congenital condition that prevents the neural tube around the spine and spinal cord from completely closing. Children with this condition are born with part of their spine exposed. Doctors operate and close this opening.

The Shorrs wanted Bella to live as freely as their other kids but could not give her a wheelchair. They are usually made for kids for two years and older and are expensive.

Bella’s aunt and uncle developed a wheelchair from a car seat and pram wheels and soon Bella was able to move around.

Now the family wants to make them for other children with special needs. They started a Facebook group called Bella’s Bumbas and have received a lot of support.

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