How to keep the stress out of appraisal meetings

Annual performance meetings are held in companies to get performance feedback and also be considered for salary raise and promotions.

Experiencing stress before any form of examination of your performance is normal. Here is how you can keep your cool and get empowered during appraisal meetings:

Avoid thinking about annual appraisal meeting as a report card. But think the meeting as a starting point for a new year of growth.

Take the performance feedback given in the meeting as a chance to understand the future path of one’s career.

Before the meeting, prepare a list of your successful tasks and share the list on a mail to the manager.

Ask for feedback on what went right if the manager gives higher ratings on your projects and share reasons in case the manager has forgotten some tasks and given lower ratings than expected.

Make a note of your manager’s views and feedback. Share your plan for the current year based on the feedback and get a quick follow-up meeting to finalize it.

Find healthy ways to reduce stress before and after appraisal meetings by doing regular exercise, eating healthy, sleeping well and engaging in hobbies like music, reading and voluntary work.

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