Super achiever Srikanth Bolla aims for higher Forbes ranking

Srikanth Bolla, CEO of Bollant Industries, who was listed among the super achievers from Asia under the age of 30 by Forbes, has his eyes set on a new milestone.

Bolla now wants to get into Forbes list of richest persons. The 25-year-old, who was born blind and overcame many barriers to become the first international blind student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, heads an Rs 30 crore company.

He is fluent in many languages, and is known for his amazing business insight. Born into a family of farmers in Andhra Pradesh, Bolla has had to struggle for everything. He plans to start an IPO in two years, and his company's turnover has shot up to Rs 30 crore in 2016-17, up from Rs five crore in the previous year.

Of the 600 people working in his company, 200 are people with disabilities. Bolla says that instead of seeing problems, he sees a solution everytime he is faced with a challenge.

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