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Smart glove that helps detect muscle ailments better

Scientists have developed a 'smart glove' with sensors that can help doctors accurately detect muscle stiffness in patients with cerebral palsy or stroke.

This will help them prescribe the right dosage of medication. People with cerebral palsy, stroke and multiple sclerosis, live with stiff muscles every single day. They find it hard to do simple jobs like extending an arm.

Since there is no clear way to rate muscle stiffness, these patients receive doses of medication that are too low or too high. The glove will help make diagnosis much more specific.

The device is built on a regular sports glove that a doctor can wear while holding and moving a patient's limb back and forth.

The glove is connected to a computer via USB and data from the sensors in the glove is transmitted to the computer. This is then read to measure the actual power required to move a patient's limb.

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