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PlavilaTv aims to provide a dignified livelihood to people with disabilities

PlavilaTv, a YouTube channel started over a year back, aims to provide livelihood to people with disabilities who lack mobility. They are starting new projects to reach out to people from the disabled community and empower them.

Its a Malayalam YouTube channel run by people with disabilities and is out to give the community a platform to earn a livelihood. Called PlavilaTv, the channel has over 500 subscribers and is determined to grow its presence.

Be it weddings, house-warming ceremonies, launches and so so on, PlavilaTv is making its presence felt everywhere.

The channel is the brainchild of Johns Pattuparambil, who hit upon the idea while hosting a TV show called Kanalvazhikal about disabled people. Johns has also worked closely with the community.

PlavilaTv, which is based out of Kochi, has three wheelchair users handling various departments, including Anjurani Joy, who is the treasurer of PlavilaTv Charitable Trust. Anju is also the media manager here and she says the aim is to provide employment opportunities to as many people as possible.

Many disabled people are unable to go outdoors to earn a living. So if they know of some events happening, they can contact us and we would handle videos for the event. We give them a commission for the work that they get us. That way, they need not go outdoors but can stay at home and earn a livelihood. Until date, we could help many people with disabilities and we are planning to continue that. We started last year sometime before the Kerala floods. Hence, many of our planned shows were cancelled .- Anjurani Joy, Media Manager, PlavilaTv.

PlavilaTv has a fully equipped studio and team of professional cameramen who covers events. Their way of coverage is unique because there are presenters at events who giving on the spot coverage.

The PlavilaTv team is gearing up to start a new venture after the success of their YouTube channel. They plan to launch a music troupe that will perform at events. "We do not want any advertisements. As a team we believe that word of mouth is the best publicity, says Anju.

Apart from that, the team also plans to help build homes for people with disabilities who lack mobility. "There are many people who are unable to move around and after a point, their parents are too old to support them", says Anju. "We plan to build homes where they can stay and give them job opportunities so that they can do work from within their homes".

Anilkumar, Managing Director and Secretary of the venture says that they are confident of opening up more opportunities for disabled people given the success of PlavilaTv.

"There are many disabled people from economically backward families. We want to make them independent and self-reliant. Most of have the skills but are unable to do well in life because of lack of opportunities. We are working with other people to make this a bigger platform", says Anilkumar.

Contact them at +91 9747552505.

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