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Disability does not stop siblings Rekha & Jayanth from scaling bigger heights

24-year-old Rekha Gowda and her brother Jayanth were diagnosed with Mucopolysaccharidosis at a young age. A disability that affects every part of their body, the siblings are literally struggling to get past every day. In spite of their many hardships, they work at a leading company in Bengaluru and keeps inspiring people though their various social activities.

Rekha Gowda and her elder brother Jayanth Gowda shows how to stand tall amidst the many hardships in life. Like how Rekha puts it, "When life throws lemon, make lemonade from it". The siblings who hail from Mandya in Karnataka were diagnosed with Mucopolysaccharidosis at a young age. This disability affects every part of the body and even cut shorts life span of a person. But 24 year old Rekha and 26 year old Jayanth has beaten their disability to emerge successful in life. Today, they work with a leading company in Bengaluru and have shifted base to the city with family to earn their living and become independent. The story on these young siblings are truly inspiring.

When Jayanth was born, the family did not realise that he had a disability because he was a normal child. But soon, parents started noticing something different about Jayanth and decided to consult a doctor who said that he had rickets. Since there was no awareness about a disability like Mucopolysaccharidosis, the family had to consult many doctors in the small town of Mandya to know the exact diagnoses. Soon, England returned Dr Vishwanath confirmed that Jayanth had Mucopolysaccharidosis. A couple of years back, Rekha was born with the same disability.

But their parents were determined on giving nothing lesser than the best for the siblings. They were trained in computers, music and arts. Both Rekha and Jayanth completed their Bachelors in Technology before standing on their own feet. In spite of the many limitations of their body, the siblings are reaching for the stars.

Both of us have different interests. I'am more of a public speaker while my brother is always focused on work and looks into different ways on how to improve his skills. Our biggest blessing is a supportive family who has stood with us throughout. Our parents never treated us differently-Rekha Gowda.

Rekha and Jayanth have won many laurels at various platforms. Rekha has participated in many shows too. A motivational speaker, she ensures to keep working on learning new things. "I feel a disability must not stop you from doing anything. Make the maximum out of what you have. Try and do something good so that you and realise that every person is capable of doing something. It is high time you realise your strengths. Always do what makes you happy", says Rekha, who believes in never giving up.

"It was really difficult growing up because doctors gave us a life expectancy of not more than 18 years. But our parents have brought us up to think positive. Some days we feel we cannot do this, but other days there is a lot of positivity and we wake up stronger. We love hanging out with friends and loves to have life partners too. But we know all that is not easy. We hope all our dreams will come true someday", says Jayanth.

The siblings are gathering all their strength to make the best out of life and never give up. They are determined to fight against a disability with the support of their loved ones.

You can contact Rekha Gowda at +91 96320-48414.

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