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A unique session to educate blind people about grooming & clothing

Wearing clothes that make us look and feel good is everyone's desire. Dressing up is a part of human life and we all have different forms of clothing for different occasions. For visually impaired people, it can be challenging to understand the proper dress code for a formal meeting, interview or a casual lunch affair. The Blind Graduates Forum of India- BGFI is organizing a session that will help blind and visually impaired people in getting a better understanding about various types of clothes and the appropriate time to wear them.

Clothes are a crucial part of impressions that we make on others. Well cut, good fitting clothes can make us look sharp and smart while ill-fitting clothes may give the impression of being shabby.

Clothes that suit us make us feel happier about ourself and this helps us in facing others more confidently and add to the personality. Matching colors, patterns, cuts of clothes can make for a perfect attire that makes the wearer look great. Blind people cannot see the colors and pattern but they can feel the textures of clothes. Like everyone else, grooming and hygiene is important in the social and professional life of people with visual impairments.

BGFI has been working for years to empower the blind community and giving them exposure through various sessions and this time too, the session in Mumbai will be informative and enlightening.

I think the session is very important as for a visually impaired person it is not easy to understand the colors or shades of clothes. Many a times, family members or parents are also not aware about what formal wear means. Colors, patterns are important matching them properly is key to a good attire. Like wearing red allovers will look to funky and not very formal. This is what I have been told and I have memorized what colors look best together professionally. For a blind person it is difficult to know about appropriate clothes so it better to learn about such things. -Sadaf Khan, Executive member BGFI

The session will be facilitated by Savita John who has more than 20 years of experience working with Corporates and also as a freelancer. Savita John will guide the participants about various topics related to hygiene, grooming, accessories, dressing for occasions and clothing styles etc.

"I am sure the upcoming session will be very useful for blind people. Particularly students and job seekers who wish to make a good impression and gain confidence can get a lot of useful information," says Santosh Salien, BGFI member.

On 9 November, blind people can attend this unique session to get valuable information about how to wear clothes according to occasion and social norm. The aim of the session is to impart knowledge about how to choose clothes to wear to various occasions.

Call on 9892145699 to get more information about the session.

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