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Amidst many struggles, Reeja Krishna chooses to celebrate the many blessings

40-year-old Reeja Krishna from Kozhikode in Kerala runs her own stitching unit named 'Krishna'. An aspiring fashion designer, Reeja is a wheelchair user who is financially independent and supports her family too. Reeja's story of many struggles and coming out of them successfully is truly inspiring and motivating.

When life threw many challenges at Reeja Krishna,, she took it in her stride and refused to call it quits. With grit and determination, she has overcome many challenges to emerge as an independent lady who earns her own living.

Reeja was affected by polio at the age of 10 and started using a wheelchair. This was a major setback and she spent many years in hospitals getting treatment. Gradually she was able to sit on her own but Reeja had to discontinue studies because of her poor health. Many years later she resumed studies and is currently doing her class 10 through private coaching.

Family support has kept her spirits high through some hard times.

My father passed away recently. Until then, I had not known any hardships in life. Our family faced a huge financial crisis after his death and I did not have an option but to step up and start earning to support my family. But most of the people tried to pull me back pointing out that I'am a wheelchair user and that I cannot do anything on my own. But I was determined to move ahead in life. - Reeja Krishna, Fashion designer

Reeja also runs a tailoring unit called Krishna, an avenue for her abilities in fashion. Reeja hopes to make it big in the fashion design business and is working towards that. She started tailoring for a living nine years back and got a machine which she could operate with her hands. She has a regular clientele and three people working for her. "I am enjoying the fruits of my hard-work. It is a great feeling to become financially independent. I can take care of my own expenses and even support my mother who is unwell", says Reeja.

Traveling to work independently is a challenge for Reeja. Her friends help her out by dropping her off to work. "I know many people without a disability who sits inside their homes without doing any work. I am glad that I have a lot of supportive people around me who stands by me through thick and thin", she says.

An ardent traveler and motivational speaker, Reeja is determined to enjoy life to the fullest. She is a part of the NGO Palliative Care and has completed a short course in fashion design from an NGO in Malappuram. Currently, she is busy looking out for innovative designs on YouTube and other social media to create her own stylish apparels for her clientele.

"An idle mind is the devil's workshop. If a disabled person decides to sit at home, their life ends there. There will be hundreds of people to pull you back. But know you strengths and work towards it. I'am 60% disabled but 40% abled. So I am focusing on what I can do with that 40%. I come across many people who have more physical disabilities than me but are mentally very strong. Such people are my inspiration", says Reeja.

Anjitha Babu, a close friend of Reeja, finds this attitude inspiring. "I am very happy and proud of Reeja's achievements. She has stood tall amidst many personal turmoil's. She loves doing social work and wants to reach out to as many people as possible", she says.

Contact Reeja Krishna if you are looking for some stylish wear at +91 99463-28090.

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