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Anita Menon & Little Trovebox - By Kush create some exclusive products for this Diwali season

26 year old Anita Menon, who has Down syndrome and 16 year old Kush, who has a developmental delay, together organised three exhibitions in Pune city last week. All the products were handmade and crafted with love and care for Diwali sale. After their grand success, the team is gearing up to hold more such exhibitions in the next coming festive seasons as well.

Diwali is that time of the year when you gift your loved ones, and of course, get some return gifts back! There are many exhibitions and melas happening across many Indian cities to welcome this festive season. In Pune, the exhibitions jointly organised by Anita Menon and Little Trovebox- By Kush has caught quite a lot of attention. Anita, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome soon after birth, makes exclusive handmade products. For Kush, who was diagnosed with a developmental delay, packing and assembling things is something that he loves doing. Kush, along with his mother Pratima Bhinge runs Little Trovebox, a venture of making curated and customised gift boxes. Over the last one week, Anita and Kush, with support of their parents, conducted three exhibitions in Pune city.

26 year old Anita, who is also an aspiring model, has been creating and selling exclusive handmade products for Diwali over the last few years. She has also been selling them at various exhibitions in the city and has a regular clientele who loves her unique products. Warli canvas paintings, spatula key chain holders, pebble art, diyas, stone and canvas paintings and warli paintings fridge magnets tops her list. Anita has been working on these products since the past couple of months.

Anita's mother Usha Menon says that her daughter is always excited as Diwali approaches so that she can show others cute products made by her.

Diwali is always a festive time for us. Anita has been holding such exhibitions in Pune for the past few years and we have been getting good response too. Most of them buy products as a token of appreciation for the work that Anita has done. Since she gets a decent profit, she is happy with it. Anita loves to post about her products on Facebook as well. All the good responses from people makes her happy-Usha Menon, Anita's mother.

Anita, who is currently living in Pune with her family, plans to move back to her home town in Kerala where she can run a class for teaching young kids on how to make handmade products.

For 16 year old Kush, making exclusive products for Diwali was his first-time experience. But this youngster cannot be happier after getting positive responses for all the three exhibitions. Kush has been assembling all the products in gift boxes made by him, with the help of his mother Pratima. Amongst them were Anita's products and a bunch of chocolates made by elderly people from an old age home in the city.

Kush also made small planters that became quite a hit. "Kush enjoyed doing all this. In fact, he was excited to show the planters that he made to everyone. The decorative things that he makes from cut pieces also got good response. We are doing this for the first time and it was a great experience. So we are definitely looking forward for the next year as well", says Pratima Bhinge, Kush's mother.

To buy their products, contact Usha Menon at +91 90110-04170 or Pratima Bhinge at +91 98231- 09946.

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