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Art works of 5 youngsters with autism finds a place at ‘Outsider Art Fair’ in Paris

Sense Kaleidoscopes is an organisation that helps to empower youngsters with autism through art. Recently, 22 art works of six youngsters under the autism spectrum were chosen for the 'Outsider Art Fair' at Paris. The team at Sense Kaleidoscopes are excited when they talk about their latest international tryst with art.

Over the years, art has proved to do magic for children with autism helping them improve their fine motor skills and also making them more flexible in unfamiliar scenarios. When Anima Nair and Akshayee Shetty started Sense Kaleidoscopes, they wanted to empower youngsters with autism through art, mainly paintings and drawings. Their works were exhibited at the Kochi Muziris-Biennale earlier this year. Art works of five youngsters under the autism spectrum were chosen for the famous Outsider Art Fair at Paris.

An excited team at Sense Kaleidoscopes are gleaming with smiles and happiness when they talk about their latest international tryst. Twenty-two works of 24-year-old Adarsh Shetty, 19-year-olds Pranav and Anand, 20-yea-rold Ayush Bhambhani and 17-year-old Kalash Cariappa have gone all the way to Paris. Though all the artists couldn't attend the event due to financial constraints, the youngsters have realised the sea of opportunities ahead of them now.

Anima Nair, Co-founder, Sense Kaleidoscopes says that this is indeed a great opportunity that helped to boost confidence and self-esteem of the youngsters.

When our works were put up at the Biennale, we got a lot of coverage from media and other sources. That was when I got a message from someone at New York telling me that they would love our works to be exhibited at Paris. We did struggle to find funds to send all our works to other side of the globe. The organisers even gave us a stall free of charge. We have our fingers crossed and hope that all art works get sold. -Anima Nair, Co-founder, Sense Kaleidoscopes

"The kids don't fully understand what exactly is happening", says Anima, "but they are thrilled". Each art work reflects the intricacy and detail for eye by the artist. The consistency and passion with which the works are done are indeed mind-blowing to check out.

Sense Kaleidoscopes have been doing regular shows in Bengaluru and Kochi. "We are just six years old and our latest international event is indeed a huge success story for us. In India, art is never given much importance. In fact, parents pull back their kids from being artists or building a career in it", says Anima.

The team hopes that more of their art works will reach international platforms so that the youngsters can start earning on their own and in turn, this will help boost their self-esteem. "Initially, I never saw an interest for art in my son Adarsh. But after I put him in Sense Kaleidoscopes is when he fully started developing as an artist and it amused me. The team there helped to bring out the best in him. Many therapists have even tried pulling me back saying that he won't be able to even write. I feel proud about my son now and want the world to know that nothing is impossible", says Adarsh's mother Jyothy Shetty.

'Outsider Art Fair' at Paris began on 17 October and will go on till 20 October.

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