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Chandrayaan 2 - latest update

September 10, 2019

India's much sought after moon mission Chandrayaan 2 was expected to land on the moon on early hours of 7 September. But its Vikram Lander lost communication with ISRO due to which the mission did not become a full success. ISRO Chief K Sivan confirmed that 'Vikram Lander' has already been located on the moon, and ISRO is trying to maintain contact with the lander at the earliest. If successful, 'Chandrayaan 2' will pave way for newer discoveries in the moon which will be a huge turn to space studies.

India now says the Chandrayaan-2 mission's orbiter has found the lander in a thermal image (not yet released). Potential damage is unclear, still no contact with the lander-Marina Koren, International Journalist.

'Chandrayaan 2' had started its journey from ISRO centre on 22 July. Throughout, the mission had completed all the phases successfully. But its 'Vikram Lander' lost communication with ground station when it was almost 2.1 kms away from the moon. Hence, ISRO was unable to confirm status of 'Chandrayaan 2' on the moon. If the mission was successful, India would have been the fourth country to enter moon after USA, Russia and China.

"Chandrayaan 2 lander located on moon surface, trying to establish contact: Isro chief", tweeted Union Minister Babul Supriyo.

"Now let's hope for the best", tweeted Mehul.

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