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Disabled music enthusiasts call adaptive gears the next big thing

Adaptive gears for musical instruments are becoming quite common in the United States. Disabled musicians and music enthusiasts in India are hoping to see them here soon as it will enable them to play their favourite instruments with ease.

Music transcends all barriers. Good music makes you feel great and lifts the mood. There are many talented musicians with disabilities in India who are showcasing their skills on various platforms but face difficulty playing certain instruments because they are customised according to their needs.

It is here that adaptive gears can make a difference as they enable musicians to play their favourite instruments without any hassles. Such customised adaptive gears are becoming common in the West and there are hopes these will be launched in India as well.

However Piyush Sharma, a wheelchair user and musician who has played at various national music festivals and concerts, cautions that creating such gears is not easy.

If I am given an adaptive gear I will be able to perform better. For a person on a wheelchair or someone with lower limb disabilities, the requirements vary from that of a visually impaired or a deaf person. It is said that music has great strengths, especially when it comes to enhancing mental capacity. I have once seen a guy with a mental disability sing with a crooked voice. But his notes and scales were perfect. - Piyush Sharma, Musician.

Companies that manufacture music instruments can look into being more inclusive by creating adaptive gears that fit the requirement of the instrument. It will also provide a platform for hundreds of aspiring disabled musicians to showcase their skills and perform at more platforms.

"I believe that music is a way to forget your pain in this world", says Pulkit Sharma, a music enthusiast. "Why can't we have friendly instruments that can help us play music better? My father always wanted me to learn music. Maybe an adaptive gear would help me do that".

So far companies in India have not indicated plans to launch adaptive gears, but this is something to look at. While the market may be niche, it is bound to win many hearta and loyal customers.

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