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Some Diwali fashion tips for wheelchair users

Diwali is that time of the year when you have to dress up and look your best. When you spend time with family and friends, make sure that you are comfortable yet stylish in what you wear. Here are a few Diwali fashion tips for wheelchair users.

Diwali is that time of the year when festivities fills the air. You will have friends and family visiting you during the next few days. So you must look your best. If you are a wheelchair user, there are some great fashion tips that you can follow. Basically, make it simple yet comfortable. It is always best to not go by latest trends. Instead, check out what is more comfortable and best suits you. It must be conducive to pushing your chair as well.

Priya Bhargava, who is the winner of Miss Wheelchair India 2015 is a true fashionista and she has some great tips.

Mix your pants or jeans with short embellished kurti. Plan pajamas with beautiful anklets, blouse and dupatta will also be a great idea. Pair it up with a beautiful waist belt and long heavy danglers. I plan to wear a lehenga or palazzo with well embellished top and heavy earrings. You can add lots of bangles too. A beautiful 'bindi' will add to the grandeur-Priya Bhargava, Miss Wheelchair India 2015.

Here are some fashion tips for wheelchair users to look stylish and comfortable this Diwali
  • Do not wear long clothes- Chances are high that your long dress or maxi might get caught in between your wheels. Hence, you will not be able to move around freely either. Clothes that are tighter and that can be controlled by you is always a safe bet. Diwali is also a time when you light 'diyas' and even firecrackers. Chances of long clothes catching fire are higher. So it is better to be both safe and comfortable.
  • Celebrate your accessories- Dressing or looking your best is never complete without accessorising yourself. Women can wear lovely earrings, bangles and necklaces during this season because Diwali is all about dressing up and looking your best. Men can also choose some lovely accessories to go along with your kurtas and shirts.
  • Check out shoes- A nice pair of shoes or sandals always adds an extra style quotient to your dressing. Most wheelchair users prefer not to wear shoes because they are on their wheelchairs. But for Diwali, make sure to check out something nice so that you can flaunt it all day. Also ensure that the shoes fits well or else it can cause skin irritations and damage.
  • Comfort matters the most- Diwali sets many new fashion trends in the market. Being a wheelchair user, make sure to follow them only after a second thought. It is important to stay comfortable throughout the two or three days of Diwali festivities. So only buy what you can wear comfortably without any hassles.
"I plan to wear a suit for this Diwali. In case, I'am wearing a long lehenga, I will trim it a bit so that it does not get entangled in the wheels of my wheelchair. I feel wheelchair users must not avoid any particular clothes due to difficulty of being on a wheelchair. You can always adapt and modify these clothes according to how you want them", says Vinayana Khurana, a wheelchair user from New Delhi.

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