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#ChampionswithCP - Every barrier is a reason to strive harder for Dr Riitesh Sinha, innovator with cerebral palsy

Through the month of October, in our campaign #Champions with CP, we are bringing you stories of people with Cerebral Palsy, who show us everyday how it is possible to live a rich, fulfilling life. Today, we bring you the story of Dr Riitesh Sinha, an innovator from Karnal.

Cerebral palsy has never stopped Dr Riitesh Sinha from aiming for the stars. Be it in school, college or in his professional life, Riitesh faced many barriers but never allowed that to come in the way of becoming an avid reader, writer, innovator and speaker.

His first book published last year titled 'Understanding Cerebral Palsy' is aimed at spreading that sense of awareness about living with cerebral palsy. While it talks openly about the challenges faced by people with this condition it also encourages them not to let that come in the way of living life to the full potential.

Riitesh's close friend Rohit Datta says this never say die attitude is an ingrained quality.

I have known Riitesh since school and he is a role model for all of us. He has never let his physical limitations, overpower him. He is a fighter and his strong will has made him much more capable than many non-disabled people. Instead of being discouraged by the lack of accessible and inclusive resources, Riitesh has been going strong and has found ways to be independent and never let the challenges bring him down. It is amazing to see how he has used his mental strength to create his life. He is constantly trying to help others and improve our society and we should all learn from him. - Rohit Datta, Friend

What has helped Riitesh is a strong support system. His parents and sister never let him feel he was less equal than anyone else or that he should set his sights low. This pushed him to keep striving despite many setbacks in his early education and Riitesh Sinha went on to do a postgraduate diploma in computer applications, a masters in information technology and a diploma in naturopathy. His zeal to learn has encouraged him to acquire knowledge in many varied fields.

Riitesh is employed as a computer operator in the Districts and Sessions Court in Karnal, Haryana. After a full day's work, he takes the time to read, write and act as a change maker in the disabled community.

Sister Anila Sinha Sharma says that even today his desire to keep pushing himself and people around him to do more is inspiring, a quality that reminds her of their late father. "Our father was a man of clear vision who never let us feel that we are to be bound down due to physical, social, economic or mental limitations. I see the same qualities in Riitesh and it makes him so proud that I am his sister".

His own struggles motivate him to help others with cerebral palsy through writings and innovations. He has also given computer training to over 1,000 people through a training centre he has founded. He has also started a pan India WhatsApp group where people with cerebral palsy connect to exchange ideas, thoughts and information. Called Capable Person's Group, it has become a go to group for people with the condition to share ideas and motivate each other.

Among the group members is Mumbai-based systems engineer Jasmina Khanna. "Riitesh is extremely good at networking and has a done a commendable job. He is a very social person and has never shied away from interacting with others", she says.

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