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Excessive TV watching could trigger symptoms of ADHD in kids, says study

A study by a group of American researchers says that children and teenagers who spend more time watching TV are prone to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Read on to know why parents have to step up and become vigilant.

Today, adults and children are hooked to mobiles, televisions, laptops and other gadgets. Though experts have pointed out the harmful effects of excessive gadgets use, no one is doing anything to check it. Now a new study says excessive screen time can lead to ADHD in kids and teenagers.

At the beginning of the study, none of the children roped in had ADHD but at the end, almost two years later, most of the teenagers who used screens excessively were diagnosed with ADHD. This shows that screen time needs to be controlled.

Due to lifestyle changes, parents often get new phones for their children who are as young as six years old without knowing the harmful effects this can cause. Shiny Vinson, principal of Navajeevan Special School says parents must be vigilant.

Some parents give phones to their children so that they can keep them quiet for some time. This is seen with all children, regardless of disability. They ignore the harmful effects of doing such things. I would suggest parents control their child from using gadgets. Children with disabilities like autism must never be given a mobile phone because they tend to confine themselves even more. - Shiny Vinson, Principal, Navajeevan Special School.

Prolonged usage of gadgets could double the risk of developmental disorders like ADHD in children, making them hyperactive and impulsive. Preetha Anoop Menon, who has a young son with ADHD, says she never gives her son a phone. Preetha says she has noticed parents giving their phones or putting them before TV sets to keep them quiet, something she has been extra careful not to do.

"My son hardly watches TV or spends excessive time on phone. He is more into music and spends a lot of time listening to it", she says. "Some parents just want their children to be quiet and the best way is to show them something on mobile or TV. YouTube has different shows and cartoons that children can watch for hours. It is always best to involve them in some physical activities rather than spending time with gadgets".

One of the main reasons to why screen time is harmful is because of the blue light. This has an adverse effect because it directly affects the brain, affecting the memory, brain activities, sleep patterns and growth.

Undoubtedly, children must get used to gadgets because it is inevitable in today's world. But parents have to be cautious about how it is used and in what amounts. As we know, excessive use of anything does more harm than good.

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