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Formal black shoes for men with laces offer a perfect fit for men across disability types

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Whether it's a job interview or a corporate meeting, formal black shoes are a must-have item in a man's wardrobe. From buckles to laces to slip-ons, they come in a variety of designs.

Today, we look at black shoes with laces, preferred by many for their superior grip. Like senior financial analyst Rohit Jain from Jaipur, who uses crutches.

Here's a picture of Rohit dressed in black for a formal event.

Rohit Jain dressed in black.

"Formal shoes are a must have for a working person because that is the uniform code everywhere. Shoes with laces are more comfortable as they don't slip off while walking. I can also walk much faster as they grip my feet better, which is especially important given my needs. I always wear formal shoes for work and corporate events".

If you are looking for a pair of formal black shoes with laces, here are some options to consider all under ₹ 1,500.

Formal black leather shoe with black laces.

Levanse Men's Formal Leather Lace-Up Shoes

This classic pair in jet black is perfect for any formal occasion. The sole is pure leather, while the material is suede leather promising a comfortable fit.


These shoes are black all through with five eyelets for laces. These are also available in brown, blue, red, and tan colours. The laces match the colour of the shoes.

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Formal black pure leather shoe with laces.

Bata Black Brogue Shoes

Looking for a neat, crisp look at work? Bata's formal black shoes will help you get it right. These shoes are in pure leather, which make them durable with a capital D.


These black shoes are a little pointed towards the toes and there are four eyelets for laces

₹ 1,249*

Available at Tata CLiQ

Formal black shoe with red laces

Hi RELs Men's Derby Shoes

In the mood for something edgy? This pair of formal black shoes with red laces might be what you are looking for. The stacked heel completes the stylish look.


The shoes are jet black in colour and have red laces, giving a sleek stylish look. The footbed is cushioned promising a comfortable fit and the heel is stacked which is great if you are looking for little height. The round toe makes it easy to be in all day long.

₹ 734*

Available at Myntra

Investment banking analyst Ajay Minocha also regularly buys formal shoes with laces. As a visually impaired person, he likes them for the superior stability.

This is Ajay dressed for work in a black shirt with beige trousers.

Ajay Minocha dressed in a black shirt with beige trousers.

"I make sure the laces at both ends are of equal size and if you pull the laces from both ends one by one so they are equal. I have been wearing shoes with laces for over 15 years and I find them more secure and durable compared to shoes without laces as they tend to become loose after some time. The laces makes them more flexible and you can adjust them on your feet. I own about 4 pairs, of which 2 are black".

Formal black shoe with combination of chocolate brown, black and steel grey.

Men's Leather Stitching Retro Breathable Pointed Shoes

While not strictly all black, these formal shoes are quite striking and irresistible. The combination of chocolate brown, black and steel grey gives these shoes an unusual look. The laces are chocolate brown and the light mesh pattern on top gets this a big thumbs up for design.


The front portion of the shoe and the heel is black where the area near the laces is a chocolate brown with a brown mesh pattern near the laces. There are three eyelets for the laces. The part where the laces are placed is a light grey.

₹ 1,259*

Available at Club Factory

That's a pretty wide range of options in formal black shoes with laces we have picked for you!

* Prices may vary.

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