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Hydrotherapist Amal Upadhyay is convinced about the healing powers of swimming

Amal Upadhyay, a hydrotherapist from Ahmedabad, has taught swimming to over 600 children and adults with disabilities in the past 12 years. He shares his experience as a teacher for people with disabilities and says he is convinced about the healing powers of swimming.

The therapeutic effects of swimming for people with disabilities, especially children, has been proved by research time and time again. It helps calm children down, become less hyper and even helps increase cognitive skills of children with developmental disabilities. Today, more parents are coming forward to introduce their children to wonders of swimming and when they have a trainer like Amal Upadhyay, they know their children are in safe hands.

Amal, a hydrotherapist from Ahmedabad, has trained hundreds of children and adults with disabilities in the past 12 years. He says swimming helps everyone, regardless of the type of disability. Amal has trained people across India. His journey as a teacher for people with disabilities started after he met Ketan Patel, who works with children with autism. Ketan, who signed up to learn swimming from Amal, suggested that he work with disabled kids as well.

In Western countries, hydrotherapy for children with disabilities is common. It is catching up in India. I worked along with Ketan Patel to understand how to help children with disabilities like autism. In my 12 years, I am glad to have empowered many children. Swimming helps to enhance their concentration and communication skills, their hyperactivity is reduced and will have better eye contact as well. Swimming also helps in having better sleeping patterns. There is a better oxygen flow throughout their body that helps them a lot. - Amal Upadhyay, Hydrotherapist

Amal has reached out to people with polio, Down syndrome, paralysis, and heart stroke. According to him, every disability has its own need and requirement. "As a trainer, I must understand that and work along with them. I teach them new techniques according to their capabilities", says Amal. Children and adults with disabilities, he says, can learn anything with the right guidance. "You just need to adjust things according to their requirements. Swimming is the best and natural exercise. It has no side effects".

Amal works on a contract basis in Ahmedabad and is open to running workshops and camps anywhere across India. This youngster is also trying to partner with the Gujarat government to expand his reach. He aims to teach skills to disabled kids from poorer families as well.

Amal, who has won many championships, is currently training children for the Special Olympics. Among his students is

Sudha Iyer's 10-year-old son, who has autism. Sudha's son started learning from Amal two years ago and says the experience has transformative.

"My son has benefitted a lot from swimming. It has helped him to calm down and he gets exhausted in a good way", says Sudha. The positive outcome has also been the improvement in communication and concentration skills. "Now, he is not undergoing any other therapies other than hydrotherapy. I would suggest that all parents with disabled children make them learn swimming as well. A coach like Amal has helped my son a lot".

Contact Amal Upadhyay at +91 99784-12863.

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