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Inclusive campaign #MarchForSisterhood celebrates girl power

11 October is International Day of the girl. Refinery29 and Girls Who Code teamed up to start an inclusive campaign #MarchForSisterhood where girls can come out and share their stories and views about anything. The campaign is now becoming quite a sensation on the internet.

11 October is marked as the International day of the girl where every girl child is celebrated, loved and appreciated. This year, Refinery29 and Girls Who Code teamed up together to start an online campaign to celebrate girls across the world, irrespective of colour or nationality. In the online campaign #MarchForSisterhood, different girls come together and share their stories. This can be done through any medium.

What makes #MarchForSisterhood unique is that it is inclusive This time, amputee Jordan Reeves, who became a social media sensation after creating a glitter arm also took part in the campaign. Thirteen year old Jordan has authored a book and also been vocal about inclusion and the disability space. Her story has been widely shared on social media and #MarchForSisterhood celebrates this young woman.

I was born with one hand and that gives me the ability to see the world differently. #MarchForSisterhood because I feel that fire to speak up and help others-Jordan Reeves, Amputee.

The campaign aims to bring together girls to speak up about anything that is worth relevant in today's world. This can be done through photographs or videos. Basically, the message is to let the world know that girls can create wonders together.

Priya Bhargav, a wheelchair user, is a beauty pageant winner and motivational speaker.

"We generally find jealousy amongst girls which leads to hatred. People must stop harming each other for the sake of being number one in the illusionary race and hence losing a lot of energy. They waste their potentials which can be used for their own well-being. #MarchForSisterhood brings a concept of togetherness, cooperation and winning together. It relieves every girl from the feeling of being lonely, unwanted or left alone. I believe unity brings more prosperity and harmony. No one is here to stay forever. So why not be together and live life to the fullest", says Bhargav.

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