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14 year old Joel Biju has overcome a disability to finish over 1000 paintings in one year

14 year old Joel Biju who hails from Wayanad in Kerala, was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy in early childhood. But this youngster has overcome his disability to complete over 1000 paintings in a year. Joel's journey is truly inspiring and motivational.

For 14 year old Joel Biju who hails from Wayanad in Kerala, art is new to him, something that he started experimenting a year back. But his works are creative and truly inspiring. Joel, who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, finds it hard to even hold a brush or mix colours of his choice owing to his poor hand coordination movements. But all this has not stopped this youngster from chasing his love and passion towards art. Today, Joel has over 1000 paintings to his credit, all done in a short duration of just one year.

Joel's tryst with art began when a teacher visited him. Young Joel decided to give her a simple painting on a card painted on his own. The teacher who was impressed, spotted creativity, talent and sheer brilliance in the work. That is how Joel got introduced to his art teacher Ramachandran, popularly known as KRP who is a renowned artist. Joel got to learn basic art lessons from him. Today, Joel does not have a dull moment in his life. He is busy painting beautiful pictures.

Joel's family comprising of his parents and elder sister are his biggest supporters.

We want to provide him the best in spite of our financial constraints. Earlier Joel used to get angry and irritated very soon because he was sitting at home most of the time. But after he was introduced to the world of art, he became more calm and composed. Even though he finds it difficult to move his hands, he paints to his heart's fill. We buy him all the painting materials that he needs. Sometimes he needs help in mixing and so on.-Dena Biju, Joel's Mother.

This youngster has already conducted over ten exhibitions in various parts of Kerala. Joel who is currently studying in class 9 at a government school near his home, is unable to regularly attend classes due to lack of mobility. "We are unable to provide transportation facilities for him to attend school every day owing to which he attends classes only once or twice a week", says Dena.

Joel has already exhibited his works in prominent art galleries like the Kozhikode Art Gallery and in a few schools as well. The family hopes that with better support Joel can do extremely well in life and also become independent through art. "Joel has been getting a lot of good reviews for his works. We are also working on selling them online. Hopefully, he will become a renowned artist when he grows up. Art and paintings are very close to his heart", says Dena.

Krishnakumar PS is a part of the NGO MIND that works towards empowering people with muscular dystrophy. Joel is also an integral part of MIND.

"Joel is a true inspiration to all artists, regardless of whether they are disabled or not. Painting is a passion for him and he has overcome his disability with determination in order to follow his heart. He does with so much of ease and confidence. I would say that he is a role model and a true icon", says Krishnakumar.

You can contact Joel at +91 62827-18375.

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