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India Fort in Kerala to offer youngsters with intellectual disabilities platform to showcase talents

The Magic Planet at KINFRA Film and Video Park in Thiruvananthapuram recently opened a new India Fort where youngsters with intellectual disabilities are given a platform to showcase their skills in arts, magic and circus. The venture that was started in collaboration with the Kerala government is garnering attention for their inclusivity.

Thiruvananthapuram, the state capital of Kerala, is always in the news for promoting activities and events for people with disabilities. Now, Magic Planet at KINFRA Film and Video Park in the city has opened an arts centre on the campus where children with intellectual disabilities can showcase their talents.

This venture at India Fort is running to packed audiences with people coming from different parts of the city. The India fort premises have been upgraded recently as well and Kerala Governor P Sathasivam attended the launch along with ministers KK Shailaja and Kadakampally Surendran.

Titled Vimanam, Kalamandapam, Nalukettu - Magic of Nature and Maram - these new centres will be a platform for youngsters with disabilities to showcase their talents in arts and magic. They have been trained by the well-known magician Gopinath Muthukad, who is also the executive director of the venture. The performers will also be paid for their services.

This is basically going to be a magical theme park where shows will be conducted by children with intellectual disabilities. They have been trained to perform magic, circus, and other such entertaining events. At KINFRA, we are giving them a platform to exhibit their skills under the guidance of experts. Twelve theatres are set for this. What makes this venture even more unique is that all these people with disabilities can earn and live independently by being part of this. Those who can sing and dance are also part of it. We have been getting great responses from people. Even small children are appreciating the performances. -Roshni Rob, Chief Marketing Co-ordinator, Magic Planet.

This venture was launched in a small way in 2014 and has steadily become more popular. With children with disabilities now made part of this, Magic Planet aims to become inclusive. Performers and their families are given free food and accommodation so they can solely focus on their performances. Currently, 25 people between 19 to 27 years are performing at India Fort.

Magic Planet hopes to reach out include people with disabilities from across the world to become part of their venture. They are gearing up to open a new venture in August which will showcase music performances. Over 100 youngsters will be selected. In partnership with Kerala Social Mission, Magic Planet is going all out to promote inclusion and give job opportunities to people with disabilities.

Jolly Johnson, Founder of the NGO Helping Hands,, is confident that India Fort will reach bigger heights with their latest venture.

"Gopinath Muthukad who heads this venture has always been someone who supports causes for people with disabilities. Since I have been associated with him for many ventures, I know that he offers nothing lesser than the best. It is a great feeling to become independent, especially when you can support their families too", says Johnson.

Magic Planet hopes that more people will know about their venture and visit them so that more youngsters with disabilities can become a part of this venture and earn a livelihood.

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