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Know more about NGO Sol’s ARC, Amazon.in partner in internship programme for youth with autism, intellectual disabilities

This week Amazon India announced the launch of a pilot training programme for young adults with autism and intellectual disabilities. Partnering Amazon India in this industry first programme is Mumbai-based NGO Sol's ARC, which is dedicated to making the world a better place for children with disabilities.

Enabling financial independence in their children is a key concern for all parents. When it comes to a child with a disability, that can become overwhelming given the limited opportunities available.

This makes Amazon India's announcement of a pilot internship programme for youth with autism and intellectual disabilities welcome news indeed. The programme will enable their successful integration into the workforce and help them gain financial independence.

Helping Amazon India to make this a success is Sol's ARC. Amazon India will work closely with Sol's ARC to create internship opportunities for young adults with autism and intellectual disabilities them across different parts of its fulfilment network.

Through the course of the programme, Sol's ARC will also help create awareness among Amazon employees about autism and intellectual disabilities as well.

Speaking to the media, Swati Rastogi, Director, Human Resources, Amazon India said "it will help us to enable young adults with autism and intellectual disabilities build a career as well as a financially independent life. We are focused on creating a diverse and inclusive workforce, and this programme is a critical step in that direction".

Since 2003, Sol's ARC, founded by Sonali Saini has been building programmes centered around equitable learning opportunities across India. The internship programme with Amazon India will take this one step further by equipping them for the workplace. The three-month internship programme will kick off in Mumbai in November this year with the youth at the Sol's ARC Mumbai centre. "Based on the learnings and experiences here, we will accordingly scale it up in other metros", adds Sonali.

Currently there's work going on in developing a curriculum and training programme for the internship. 'We have an expert committee formed for retail validation which includes the Skill Council for Persons with Disability (SCPwD) and other corporates including Big Bazaar and Burger King", adds Sonali. "Post that, the certification and assessments will happen. The aim is to identify roles that are appropriate and develop training programmes accordingly".

Over 350 associates who are deaf and hard of hearing are currently a part of the Amazon network's fulfilment centres, sortation centres and delivery stations in India. Amazon India has previously pioneered the Silent Delivery Station in 2017 through the service partner programme. Two such stations are currently operational.

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