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Koryo’s home appliances – Good looking, affordable & accessible for visually impaired people

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Those wonderful aromas and delicious flavours - who doesn't love to eat? But before you eat, you need to cook.

Thanks to Koryo, everyone can cook. Not only are their home appliances world class, they are easy to use for people with visual impairments, making the joys of cooking accessible to one and all.

Safety is a concern for Sushmeetha Bubna, when she conducts cooking classes for blind people. A late blind person, she calls cooking as a life skill, something all visually impaired people must learn.

Electric Cooker – Rich deep wine red base with black and stainless steel top. Side and top handles for easy handling

Koryo Electric Cooker

That's why she loves Koryo's Electric Cooker, one among a range of easy to use and affordable products launched by Future Retail Limited (FRL) brand to make cooking accessible to people who are visually impaired.

Sushmeetha got the chance to use the Electric Cooker at a workshop sponsored by Koryo.

"The Koryo Electric Cooker had tactile markings with the levels clearly marked for a visually impaired person to exactly understand what to do", says Sushmeetha. Cooking rice was so easy, because "even the smallest markings are there, and the lines are horizontal making it easy to identify. The levels are numbered so you know how much water to use for the rice". The handles are heat resistant too.

Priced at just ₹1,990, the Koryo Electric Cooker has a detachable cord and one touch control. There's an additional steamer pot so you can cook rice and vegetables together, making life so much simpler!

Mini Chopper – Sleek looking white and transparent plastic with an oil dispensing hole on the lid

Koryo's Vegetable Chopper

Chopping veggies can be time consuming and Koryo's Vegetable Chopper with a two-speed setting and 350 ml capacity is a handy thing to have in the kitchen.

"The size of the Vegetable Chopper is just right, and tactile buttons make it so convenient", she says. "You can also set the levels in a way that the veggies are chopped the size you want".

Available for ₹1390, the chopper is an asset for anyone, not only visually impaired people. It's a big time saver for a working person as well.

All these features are in tune with the larger mission of Future Retail Limited (FRL) which owns Big Bazaar and Koryo. That is to make the joy of shopping accessible to all and focus on building inclusion through initiatives. These include initiatives like Quiet Hour for shoppers with Intellectual disabilities, Accessible Physical Infrastructure for locomotive disabilities, Shopping Assistance, Home Delivery, Special Preview Day for sale events, Sign Language communication and Priority Counter, to name just a few campaigns that are ensuring no shopper is left behind.

Simple things like boiling water, making tea, preparing salad or rice should be convenient and Koryo wants to make easy to use products which provide our shoppers with disabilities the freedom in these daily chores. - Sandeep Sharma, Business Head, Consumer Durable & Electronics, Future Group

Koryo conducted a nationwide campaign called Cooking Without Looking with the National Association for the Blind, Delhi (NAB) across select Big Bazaar stores where accomplished cooks with blindness taught participants how to cook with electric appliances and brands like Koryo. The aim was to enable disabled people t embrace cooking and become more independent.

Electric Multi Cook Kettle – Black base with a stainless steel body and a black knob

Electric Multi Cook Kettle

The attention to small details is evident everywhere. Take the Electric Multi Cook Kettle, a multipurpose kettle that looks great and has easy to operate features like Jog Dial and Automatic Cut Off.

Touches that invite people with visual impairments to participate in the larger joys of cooking, as Kinnari Desai,from the Blind People's Association in Ahmedabad, points out.

"It's so user-friendly!", she says. "The Electric Multi Cook kettle is cool to the touch so nobody will get burned". Kinnari used steel and metal spoons in the kettle and found it shock-proof. "The grip handle is good too, and transferring food is easy".

Priced at ₹1099, the Electric Multi Cook Kettle is versatile as it is useful for boiling milk, making tea and coffee, boiling an egg, even reheating food. Kinnari calls it a must have, especially for who love their ghar ka khana while traveling.

"You can carry the Electric Multi Cook Kettle and use it for pastas and Maggi noodles", says Kinnari. Even khichdi is possible with some advance planning. "Just wash and dry the rice and dal and roast it some ghee. Put this in a ziplock bag and later boil water in the kettle, add it to mix and keep it shut for 6-7 minutes. That's it!".

We believe that shopping should be accessible to everyone. The joy of shopping is a feeling which everyone-senior citizen, pregnant women, temporarily disabled & people with disabilities should experience - To navigate, bargain, talk, discover and shop like any other shopper. Big Bazaar wants to foster Inclusiveness & is on a mission to make everyone shop irrespective of race, religion, income, age or disability.

Induction Cooktop – Jet black in colour with a glass plate with patterns

Koryo Induction Cooktop

It's the ease of use that Veena Mehta Verma, Master Trainer at the Cooking Without Looking workshop, finds most attractive about the Koryo Induction Cooktop. Priced at ₹1,990, this has 8 auto cook programme options, 8-level power settings and high temperature protection. You can keep a utensil on top, push a button and that's it. Even if you forget to press the buttons or touch one by accident, you won't get hurt. You can even leave it unattended.

"Most induction stoves available in the market have touch buttons which makes it hard for visually impaired people to find out which buttons are for what", says Veena, who is a visually impaired working woman. What sets Koryo apart is that the buttons are tactile. "Even better, each button represents the cooking menu, so we just need to customise it and touch the buttons that you need to use".

Pop Up Toaster – White body with a bright red base and red knob

Koryo Pop Up Toaster

That's not all. There's also the Koryo Pop Up Toaster with an Automatic Function and High Lift that enables you to take the toasts out easily without burning your fingers. It comes with a removable crumb tray.

Priced at ₹699, it has Defrost and Reheat functions as well. So, if you want to save that toast for later, you can do that.

All of these products featured and more can be seen at Big Bazaar stores across India. You can even book shopping assistance at the stores. Koryo products are also available on Amazon, so go ahead and take your pick!

Share your first cooking experience mentioning the recipe you cooked, with details of the process, tips, and tricks. Send us your feedback in 200 words or less. The top 3 entries stand to win an Electric Multi Cook! Exclusively from Koryo!!

Don't shy away from mailing your entries here at care@koryoworld.com with the subject line "Cooking Stories". It can be the simplest thing from making tea to noodles, pasta, even khichdi. The contest is open to everyone - with and without disability.


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