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Kuldeep Devendra Rawal wants to be a change maker using the power of music

Kuldeep Devedra Rawal, a visually impaired music teacher from Pune, has inspired hundreds of children in his 15-year career span. Kuldeep says he wants to inspire change through music.

Visually impaired by birth, 39-year-old Kuldeep Devendra Rawal has been passionate about music since childhood. Kuldeep, who is from Pune, has never let disability come in the way of his love for music. Today, he is a successful music teacher who imparts music lessons to thousands of children, a career which Kuldeep is proud of. This youngster, who is trained in Hindustani music ,has big dreams and aspirations.

Kuldeep is currently teaching music at the famous Sanskriti School and Artsphere, both in Pune. A post-graduate in political science, Kuldeep was trained in music by Dr Kamalakar Joshi. Since Kuldeep had a passion towards music since childhood, he had enough help from the Pune blind school from where he completed his schooling.

I have been learning music since I was five years old. Ever since I remember, I was inclined towards music and that is something that gave me immense joy. I started learning professionally since last ten years and is still learning because there is no end to learning this art-form. I will remain a musician till my last breath - Kuldeep Devendra Rawal, Music teacher

Kuldeep loves to play instruments too. He excels in playing the congo, tabla and flute to name a few. He performs at various concerts and programmes across Pune where he has an ardent fan following as well. In spite of his busy schedule, Kuldeep loves to freelance for film music industry as well. He has been closely working with some friends to tune songs for a few albums.

Kuldeep has also won many awards and recognitions for his sheer brilliance and dedication towards music. Kuldeep, along with his friend Avinash won the Best Music Direction award for tuning a song for a Maharashtrian play. He has also been working for short films as well. Kuldeep, who has his hands full, says that his family comprising of his wife and two children are his biggest supporters.

"I believe every person is disabled in some way or the other. I do not have eyesight, but I know many people who do not have many things that I do. I feel we all must believe in give and take. I will share with you what I have and I hope rest of the world can do vice versa with me as well. Till date, I have never been denied an opportunity anywhere because I'am a visually impaired person. I can do anything related to music. That is where my heart lies", says Kuldeep.

He is gearing up to experiment more avenues in music, and nothing can stop him from chasing for the stars. Kuldeep, who has been teaching music for the past fifteen years hopes to reach out to more youngsters who wants to learn music.

Atul Prabhale, Studio Manager, Artsphere where Kuldeep takes weekend classes, calls him an inspiration.

"He is an independent, young man from whom there is much to learn and get inspired. I have noticed that he has a strict schedule which he always sticks to and never says a no to anyone who approaches him for help. I am sure each students who learns from him is motivated. He is so well-read. Ask him about any topic under the sun and he has the right answers to it".

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