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“Never give up, live life to the fullest”- My Take by triple amputee & Trekker Sekhar Goud

In My Take this week, we have 28 year old Sekhar Goud, who became the first Indian tripe amputee to scale Mount Elburus in Southern Russia. Goud is also a para badminton player and marathon runner.

I hail from Yadadri district of Telengana. Trekking was always a passion to me. But I started concentrating on it after becoming an amputee.

I wanted to explore various things and make the best out of life. Trekking gives me immense pleasure and excitement. Many people think that amputees cannot achieve anything. If you have the determination and confidence, I believe that there is nothing you cannot achieve. I have many plans lined up for the future and I'am working on making them all a reality-Sekhar Goud.

I became an amputee when I was eighteen years of age due to electrocution. On 24 December 2006, I was talking to a friend over the phone and sitting on a wall when another friend of mine decided to play a prank on me. He pushed me out, and while falling down I saw a wire and decided to hold on to it instead of hitting my head on the ground. But that was a bad decision and I got electrocuted. I fell down and was unconscious, but still managed to get up after some time. When I opened my eyes I was alone with no one around. Next thing I remember was waking up on the hospital bed.

My left leg below the knee, right hand after the shoulder and right feet bottom along with toes are amputated. I was staying at my village after the accident. But my parents and relatives were constantly crying over what happened to me. This made me sad and angry at the same time. I wanted to prove to them that I can do anything under the sun in spite of having a disability. I left home to start living independently in Hyderabad. I have only completed by class 10 but I work with Pranaam Hospital. I earn my living and is self-reliant.

Life after amputation

Initially, days were tough. But soon I realised that being an amputee does not have to stop me from chasing my passion or dreams. In December 2016, I cycled from Ladakh to Kanyakumari in 48 days without any support or help. This boosted my confidence, and I knew that I could do everything that a person without a disability also does.

Soon, I started to learn swimming. I also play badminton now and run marathons which has become a passion for me. I make sure not to miss any marathons happening in Hyderabad.

Today, when my family sees news about me on papers and television, they are happy and excited. Now they trust me. I proved to them that being an amputee doesn't change life at all. I can still live like a normal person. I occasionally go my village and it I feel proud to see the happy faces of my parents who once thought my life had ended.

I always had a thing for treakking. So I decided to take it up seriously. Apart from doing a few treks around India, I did my first international trek to Mount Everest base camp. It was a thrilling and life-changing experience. It opened doors of opportunities for me and I realised that nothing is impossible. My next was to Mount Elburus in Southern Russia. I became the first Indian to scale those heights in spite of being a triple amputee. Next I want to trek to the topmost part of Mount Everest and that is my biggest goal.

Future plans

I want to travel across the globe and meet new people. My next trip is planned to Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Aconcagua in Argentina.

"My life changed for the best after becoming an amputee. Today, I want to get my place in the society and I'am working towards it".

After becoming disabled, many people attempt suicides because they think their life has ended there. That is sheer ignorance. I want to work towards empowering people like that. I hope to start an NGO where I can reach out to such people. For that, I need funds and I'am working towards it. Amputees must know that life is beautiful, and they must never give up.

You can contact Sekhar Goud at +91 98665-43730.

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