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My 10-year-old son has ADHD and refuses to eat healthy foods like eggs, vegetables, dairy. He has a meltdown when we insist. Please help.

This is a common problem that parents with children with ADHD face. Studies show that such children are more predisposed to crave sugar and many tend to reject nutritious foods. Here are some ways to change it.

  • Prepare the food with your son - This will help him feel proud about being involved in the activity.
  • Keep things in the house that you want him to eat so avoid storing chips, candy etc.
  • Stick to a eating schedule and don't allow him to watch TV while eating.
  • Avoid serving juice or other beverages. Water only.
  • Praise your son when he tastes something new.
  • Avoid rewarding good behaviour with food, especially dessert.

Above all, stay calm and don't get angry.

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