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New American study highlights lack of motor skills as indication of autism in a child

According to a new study conducted by a group of American researchers, poor motor skills in a child can be an indication of autism. But experts point out that determining only one factor does not help in identifying a developmental disorder in the child. Parents must be watchful of their child's development and ensure to consult a paediatrician if they notice a delay.

Most of the times, diagnoses of a child with a developmental disorder happens after they are over one or two years of age. This is mainly due to lack of awareness of disabilities amongst parents. By the time the child is diagnosed late, it can affect their growth and living skills in many ways. That is why experts are now asking parents to be watchful of their child's growth. In fact, a new study by a group of researchers point out that poor motor skills in a child can be an indication of autism.

The study conducted by a group of American researchers point out the importance of parents becoming cautious of the growth and development of their child. Those children who had delayed motor skills will continue to have language disabilities in the childhood and even later. The connection between these two have been clearly established by experts.

Dr U Vivek, consultant psychiatrist who works closely with children with autism points out that autism cannot be diagnosed in a child only due to lack of their motor skills. Many other factors are included.

Parents must look out to whether the child is maintaining eye contact at the age of as early as eight months. That is the main criteria for determining autism. Rest everything is secondary including motor skills. No experts can determine whether the child has autism merely because the child's motor skills are low. Even communication and speech matters a lot-Dr U Vivek, Consultant Psychiatrist.

Difficulties in language can happen during early childhood or even during their adulthood. But the group of American researchers, from their studies, analysed that some children even overcame language problems later on in life through therapies.

Parents need to be watchful of how their kids do everyday activities. This includes right from eating their food, writing and drawing, picking up a ball or even buttoning their dress. If they notice anything abnormal, the child must be consulted by a paediatrician without fail.

"A lot of factors goes into diagnoses of autism in a child. So highlighting one aspect alone does not help. If the kid has a developmental delay, it can affect their motor skills. They might even pick up later on", says Karen Karbhari, founder, Buddy Centre.

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