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New artificial leg helps amputees to touch & feel every step

A group of researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have developed a new artificial leg with sensors. This will help users to sense, touch and feel. Amputees in India cheer for this latest initiative, but also points out that the cost must be affordable so that they can purchase it.

A group of researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Switzerland have created something unique for amputees - an artificial leg that will help them feel every step they take. The sensors in these limbs gives sensation to users. The big question is how affordable this is going to be.

The artificial leg has been successfully tested and one of its best features is that users don't feel phantom limb pain commonly experienced by amputees in the area where they have lost the limb. The user can walk and feel, making them confident and happier. The nerves are connected to wires which in turn gives a 'real world-like feel' to amputees.

Sajesh Krishnan, says that while the technology sounds great, the cost factor will be decisive.

We already have bionic arms which function in a similar way, but it is mostly for people who have lost their hands. Since the last few years, technology has advanced a lot and paved way for such inventions which helps a lot of people. But since the cost of all these are high, very few people can afford it. -Sajesh Krishnan, Amputee

According to Sajesh, the cost of such limbs, when converted to Indian currency, can go up to Rs 25 lakh. "How many people can spend such a huge amount on artificial limbs? I definitely cannot afford a limb of such high cost.".

Users who tried out the limb say they can walk faster and better with the artificial leg, words that hold out a lot of promise, says Sekhar Goud, a triple amputee from Hyderabad. "This is indeed something great. I hope the makers launch this at affordable costs as there will be many takers. Every amputee would love the feeling of having their limb back again".

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